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19 02, 2010

New EPA Rulemaking Gateway: Building a Public Participation Calendar

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For some time, I've been suggesting the creation of a national public participation calendar and project directory as a key component of the Open Government Directive: May 2009: Open Government Dialogue: “Create an Open Government Project Directory and Knowledge Base” January 2010: Open Government Needs Public Participation Calendars Based on this post on NextGov, it looks like [...]

6 02, 2010

OpenGov Open Feedback Firehose

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Update 2010/02/15: Added feeds for Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to the list below, added National Archives to Pipes feed. The Open Government Directive, issued on December 8, 2009 stated: 1. Publish Government Information Online [...] e.  Within 60 days, each agency shall create an Open Government Webpage located at http://www.[agency].gov/open to serve [...]

11 12, 2009

Aneesh Chopra Explains What Citizen Participation Might Look Like

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In a post on the White House blog today, Aneesh Chopra, Federal Chief Technology Officer and the Associate Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, follows up on some of the questions that went unanswered during the FAQ on Tuesday: Answering Your Questions on the Open Government Directive Russ Gaskin of Washington, DC commented: [...]

8 12, 2009

Participation And the Open Government Directive

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Being eagerly awaited by many in the field, the Open Government Directive was released this morning: Open Government Directive (PDF, 84 KB) Here's a summary of snippets that deal with participation and engagement: Participation allows members of the public to contribute ideas and expertise so that their government can make policies with the benefit of [...]