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29 10, 2015

SmartParticipation Launches NYC Congestion Discussion

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The RegulationRoom team at Cornell University just launched their first local policy discussion on SmartParticipation.com. From the email announcement: Lately, experts and advocacy groups have been weighing in heavily on NYC traffic congestion. While this is good, it’s also important to hear from the people who deal with congestion daily—commuters, pedestrians, bicyclists, professional & private drivers, [...]

1 09, 2015

Proceedings from 7th International Conference on eParticipation

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The 7th International Conference on eParticipation (ePart 2015) is currently under way in Thessaloniki, Greece. Topic areas include: eParticipation and social media, deliberation and consultation, evaluation, and policy formulation and modeling. A number of interesting papers are being presented. Here's one co-authored by Todd Davies (mentioned here): Equality of Participation Online Versus Face to Face: Condensed Analysis of the Community [...]

7 05, 2015

Today Is European E-Participation Day

By |2015-05-07T00:19:35+00:00May 7th, 2015|E-participation, Europe|0 Comments

Today is European E-Participation Day! From the e-uropa website: About E-Participation is citizens’ participation in policies and policy-making through the help of ICT tools – e.g. signing an online petition for saving a forest or commenting on your mayor’s proposal to renovate a school. Many people don’t know that these online tools exist. We want [...]

12 08, 2014

NDI Launches DemTools Democracy Toolkit

By |2018-11-21T15:42:16+00:00August 12th, 2014|E-participation, Radar|0 Comments

The National Democratic Institute (NDI) today launched a new set of web-based applications. From the NDItech DemocracyWorks blog: Meet DemTools: Closing the Geek Gap Human rights and democracy advocates in the developing world have been left stranded in this leap to more effective tools. There’s a new form of digital divide that’s emerged: call it [...]

12 05, 2014

Europe Commons Relaunches as Civic Exchange

By |2018-11-21T15:42:16+00:00May 12th, 2014|E-participation, Europe, ParticipateDB, Radar|0 Comments

Last July, UK-based Nesta launched Europe Commons as part of their Code for Europe activities, a site aimed at becoming "[t]he best place to find civic tech apps and services for better cities across Europe (the domain europecommons.org now redirects, see snapshot on Archive.org). From the blog announcement: Europe Commons is a new marketplace for [...]

9 10, 2013

CeDEM14 Call for Papers

By |2018-11-21T15:42:20+00:00October 9th, 2013|E-participation, Europe, Events, Open Government|0 Comments

Once again, it's time to get your submissions ready for the International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2014 (CeDEM14). The call for papers (PDF) list the conference tracks: E-Democracy and E-Participation E-Voting Bottom-Up Movements Social and Mobile Media for Public Administration Open Collaborative Government Democracy, Globalization and Migration Connected Smart City Open Data, Transparency [...]

24 09, 2013

Categorizing Digital Engagement Tools

By |2018-11-21T15:42:20+00:00September 24th, 2013|E-participation, Research|0 Comments

In preparation for our session at IAP2 2013 today, I looked through the list of 200+ tools currently listed on ParticipateDB. I tried to take a first stab at identifying potential categories. Upon further refinement, this could become a typology of digital engagement tools. Typology of tools, technologies and services (a work in progress) Argument [...]

22 08, 2013

LA Mayor FixDWP E-Petition Site: More Background Information, Please!

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My Twitter commentary yesterday about LA Mayor Eric Garcetti's "Fix DWP!" online petition site (here, here) got picked up by NextCity correspondent Nancy Scola, who interviewed me for her piece. Here's the quote: But engaging the public in a policy battle is a tough thing to pull off, said Tim Bonnemann, founder and CEO of [...]