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24 01, 2011

Creative Deliberation and Learning

By |2018-11-21T15:42:00+00:00January 24th, 2011|Deliberation|1 Comment

Back in December, Tom Atlee shared some interesting thoughts over on the NCDD listserv about what he refers to as Creative Participation. He recently joined the growing list of NCDD guest bloggers and today shared his post on the NCDD blog: Creative Deliberation The article brings up some good points that highlight the need for better [...]

16 11, 2010

Does the Budget Puzzle Qualify As “Deliberative Choice Work”?

By |2018-11-21T15:42:01+00:00November 16th, 2010|Deliberation, Participatory Budgeting, Radar|3 Comments

Over on Facebook, the Kettering Foundation asks with regard to the Times' Budget Puzzle: What do you think: are budgeting exercises like these what we would call "deliberative choice work"? If not, how are they related? For a definition of what Kettering means by choice work, we turn to the ever-competent NCDD resource center and [...]

10 11, 2010

C2D2 Dialogue and Deliberation Evaluation Project

By |2010-11-10T14:11:48+00:00November 10th, 2010|Deliberation, Dialogue, Research, ROI|3 Comments

Last week, I attended a conference call hosted by the Public Health Agency of Canada as part of the ongoing D&D Evaluation Project by the Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation (C2D2). On their resources page, C2D2 states: The C2D2 community asks, "How do we know – what is the evidence to demonstrate – that using dialogue [...]

27 08, 2010

How to Do a Citizens’ Assembly

By |2010-08-27T11:35:38+00:00August 27th, 2010|Deliberation, Research|2 Comments

Over the past few weeks, Melbourne, Australia-based Ron Lubensky has written an series of posts explaining the concept of a Citizens' Assembly and defending it against unfounded criticism: July 23, 2010: Open letter to Julia Gillard, Prime Minister July 26, 2010: Assembled citizens make sense July 26, 2010: Another good op-ed supporting Citizens' Assembly about [...]

23 03, 2010

Review: Beginning With the End in Mind

By |2018-11-21T15:42:04+00:00March 23rd, 2010|Deliberation|1 Comment

This is a short review of "Beginning with the End in Mind: A Call for Goal-driven Deliberative Practice" by Martín Carcasson, PhD (CAPE Occasional Paper / No 2 / 2009 -- PDF) Carcasson's essay on deliberative practice presents, in his words, “a conceptual framework to help practitioners more systematically consider both the short-term and long-term [...]

6 09, 2009

“No Better Time” Session Notes Now Available

By |2018-11-21T15:42:08+00:00September 6th, 2009|Deliberation, Events, Research, ROI|1 Comment

Session notes and related resources from the "No Better Time" conference at the University of New Hampshire back in July are now available for download on their resources page. Measuring and metrics was a hot topic that was discussed at the following learning exchanges: Embedding Deliberative Practices in Local Democracy (session notes, PDF): This would need some further digging [...]

7 07, 2009

Intellitics at “No Better Time” Conference, University of New Hampshire, July 8-11, 2009

By |2018-11-21T15:42:08+00:00July 7th, 2009|Deliberation, Events, Research|4 Comments

I'll be taking the red-eye to Boston tonight on my way to what looks like a great conference: No Better Time: Promising Opportunities in Deliberative Democracy for Educators and Practitioners The conference is hosted by The Democracy Imperative and the Deliberative Democracy Consortium. From their website: What are the conference's objectives? Deliberative democracy has reached [...]

4 03, 2009

What Is Deliberation?

By |2018-11-21T15:42:09+00:00March 4th, 2009|Deliberation, Dictionary|1 Comment

In their FAQ, The Deliberative Democracy Consortium defines deliberation and deliberative democracy as follows: What is "deliberation"? Deliberation is an approach to decision-making in which citizens consider relevant facts from multiple points of view, converse with one another to think critically about options before them and enlarge their perspectives, opinions, and understandings. What is "deliberative democracy"? [...]

18 11, 2007

Quick Comparison: Debate and Deliberation

By |2018-11-21T15:42:12+00:00November 18th, 2007|Deliberation, Dictionary|2 Comments

Sandra S. Hodge, Ph.D. and Program Director Discovering Common Ground: Missouri Communities Deliberate at University of Missouri has a nice comparison chart that looks at the differences between debate and deliberation: Deliberation and Your Community: How to Convene and Moderate Local Public Forums Using Deliberative Decision-Making (training manual) (PDF, 1.1MB). The training manual is part [...]

13 07, 2007

Dialogue and Deliberation

By |2018-11-21T15:42:12+00:00July 13th, 2007|About, Deliberation, Dialogue, Dictionary|4 Comments

The National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) provides a good definition of dialogue and deliberation, and describes how the two relate to each other: So what are dialogue and deliberation anyway? Dialogue is a process that allows people, usually in small groups, to share their perspectives and experiences with one another about difficult issues [...]