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6 01, 2012

Group Works: A Pattern Language for Bringing Life to Meetings and Other Gatherings

By |2018-11-21T15:41:53+00:00January 6th, 2012|Collaboration, Dialogue, Facilitation, Research, Resources|2 Comments

For the past three years (ever since attending "The Underlying Dynamics of Conversations that Matter", a most excellent pre-conference workshop with Tom Atlee and Peggy Holman at NCDD 2008 in Austin, TX), I've been following the Group Pattern Language Project, a very exciting endeavor led by Tree Bressen, Sue Woehrlin and Dave Pollard and involving dozens of contributors from a [...]

9 03, 2011

Challenges for Wiki-Based Consultations

By |2018-11-21T15:41:59+00:00March 9th, 2011|Collaboration, E-participation, Research|7 Comments

This week saw an unexpected focus on wiki-based dialogue and deliberation. To round out the series, here's a list of shortcomings or challenges I observed back in 2007/2008 when I was reviewing the examples listed yesterday. With regard to Politicopia (January 2007): One challenge I see with a pure wiki approach in this context is the fact that [...]

7 03, 2011

How To Create Policy on a Wiki

By |2018-11-21T15:41:59+00:00March 7th, 2011|Collaboration, Deliberation, Radar|13 Comments

Over the weekend, I learned about LexPop, a new wiki-based site that invites participants to collaboratively craft public policy on any issue (see their current project: Policy Drive: MA Net Neutrality). From the about page (emphasis theirs): Just as pamphlets were once the most efficient and effective means for distributing ideas, so too was this type [...]

24 08, 2010

Public Participation: Ten Simple Ideas for Better Online/Offline Integration

By |2018-11-21T15:42:02+00:00August 24th, 2010|Collaboration, Community, Public Participation, Research|11 Comments

In preparation for the upcoming series of NCDD 2010 Regional Events (including the one right here in the Bay Area, October 29), Sandy Heierbacher (Director, NCDD) has asked for input on a question I know has been on the minds of many in the NCDD community for the past few years: "How can we best meld/combine [...]

8 12, 2009

Multi-Language Online Dialogue With Google Wave

By |2018-11-21T15:42:07+00:00December 8th, 2009|Collaboration, E-participation, Research|4 Comments

Here's one reason why I believe Google Wave (or whatever similar service will emerge in the future) holds a lot of potential for the world of e-participation: As Bengt Feil outlined in his excellent interim summary of our e-participation wave, one potential application for using Wave are small-group online dialogues or deliberations. On the web, [...]

27 10, 2009

E-participation with Google Wave

By |2009-10-27T13:20:01+00:00October 27th, 2009|Collaboration, Research|9 Comments

I finally got my invite to Google Wave a few days ago. It's definitely one of the more interesting things I've seen in a while. Over the past few months, I've talked to a number of people who had expressed interest in trying out Google Wave for the purpose of e-participation. To provide a space [...]