Intellitics is a digital engagement consultancy. Our mission is to enable people, communities and organizations involved in community engagement and public participation to achieve stronger overall outcomes through the strategic use and the integration of modern information and communications technologies.

Our approach can best be described as objectives-driven, context-aware and tool-agnostic. Generally speaking, we’re less concerned about which particular combination of digital engagement tools or services gets deployed in the end as long as we can ensure that we deliver digital engagement solutions that, given the specific circumstances and context, help achieve our clients’ goals and build long-term capacity.

Outside of this core focus area, we have, over the years, initiated and maintained a number of interesting side projects, most notably ParticipateDB and the Online Facilitation Unconference, as well as contributed to our local and global practitioner community through content, events, network weaving and more.

For the most part, these activities have been public good efforts. While they have been highly rewarding in many ways, we’ve become increasingly aware over the past couple of years that we can’t, despite our best intentions, provide the level of ongoing, consistent support and further investment these initiatives need and deserve in order to reach their full potential.

That’s why, over the course of this past winter, we have decided to make a few organizational changes, namely:

  • to re-focus our work at Intellitics on our digital engagement core mission, and
  • to spin out our non-core activities into a new entity of its own.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Center for Applied Community Engagement (CACE):

The Center for Applied Community Engagement is a private institute serving the growing professional field of community engagement and public participation practitioners from around the globe through market research, content publishing, industry events and other services.

We are a social enterprise – a private for-profit with a public good mission.

As of July 1, 2017, ownership of ParticipateDB and the Online Facilitation Unconference has been transferred to the Center for Applied Community Engagement.

Initially, this new organization will pursue four initiatives (the two mentioned above as well as two more recent projects). Check out the website to learn more: Meet Our Initial Project Portfolio

Our hope is that this new setup will turn out to be much better suited to create a sustainable funding and operational model that will more than support all current initiatives, allow for future growth and make it possible to finally realize much more of the original, comprehensive vision behind not only ParticipateDB but also the other projects.

Expect more news to be announced over the coming weeks and months. Please visit the new website and make sure to subscribe to the email newsletter or follow via social media to receive occasional updates.