Seed accelerator Y Combinator issued an invitation yesterday for startups and non-profits working in the e-democracy and digital engagement space to apply for their next funding cycle: Request for Startups: News, Jobs, and Democracy

From their post:

Improving Democracy: There are thousands of ways technology can be applied to improve democracy. For democracy to function effectively, more of us need to be engaged and empowered. We’d like to see startups and non-profits who are using technology to make it easier and more appealing to get involved in the political process, and for that involvement to make an impact. We want technology that makes it easy to understand how new laws and programs impact you and your city’s budget, programs that teach young people and people from underrepresented groups how to run for office, and communication tools that make it easier for citizens to be heard by their representatives. […]

Will be interesting to watch what impact this kind of investor interest will have any the civic tech landscape over the coming years.