The good people at Etalab, the French Prime Minister’s task force on open government and open data, are doing interesting work, and I’m thrilled to be speaking at an informal meetup they’re hosting at the Easter-egg office in Paris, France this coming Monday, July 4:

Mapping digital engagement tools
7.00 to 9.00pm
Easter Eggs
44/46, rue de l’Ouest (75014)
Paris, France

Please refer to the event page for details, directions and to RSVP.

I’ll be presenting ParticipateDB and share a few thoughts on the state of digital engagement. The Etalab team will talk about their OGP toolbox initiative:

[…] The goal of this hackathon [to be held during the Open Government Partnership 2016 Global Summit in Paris, December 7-9] is to come up with an open government toolbox for the OGP, governments and civil society.

Open data portals, public consultation platforms, tools for monitoring and co-creating the law, discussion forums, civic technology, and online platforms to monitor the implementation of national action plans: these are examples of software tools and online services used by governments and civil society around the world, which could be referenced, shared and reused.

This toolbox will be based on a software catalogue, including examples of uses and practices to help choose among available solutions. It aims at facilitating the implementation of national commitments made by governments in their national action plans and encouraging cooperation, experience and resources sharing between OGP members.

Should be a fun evening. Please swing by if you’re in the area.

Thanks very much to Etalab for hosting and to Paula and Emmanuel for making the event possible.