IAP2 USA just announced their 2016 Skills Symposium, February 21-25, 2016 in San Diego, CA. We are excited to present our new one-day digital engagement training course.

Digital Engagement in Public Participation

This entry-level course covers benefits, tools, design considerations, and cutting-edge practices in using information and communications technologies in support of public participation, for both online-only and hybrid formats. Concrete examples, design tools, and materials framed to aid management and production teams back on the job in understanding the value and requirements for effective use of digital tools and processes are in the take-away package. In-class use of digital tools and hands-on practice – with on-the-spot consultation and troubleshooting – are focused on situations selected by participants. No prior digital engagement experience required.

Learning Objectives

  • Know when and why to use digital tools to widen, deepen or strengthen public participation
  • Identify the points in the design of a public participation process when decisions about the use of digital technologies should be made
  • Use worksheets and other design aids (to be handed out at the workshop or made available online) that inventory the factors to consider in assessing benefits to organizations of use of digital engagement in specific situations, and in choosing, adapting or designing digital tools and processes
  • Identify common pitfalls and challenges and develop mitigation strategies
  • Know where to find high quality information
  • Know how to make the case for digital engagement to peers and superiors

Seats for this course are limited. Discounts available for IAP2 USA members. Register online.

We will be hosting a number of preview sessions, both in person and online, starting this December. Sign up for our email newsletter to find out when these opportunities become available.