I look forward to speaking at Arizona State University’s upcoming By the People conference on participatory democracy, civic engagement and citizenship education, December 3-5 in Tempe, AZ (see our earlier mention here).

My talk will take a stab at the following:

The secret of successful digital engagement: It’s not (just) about the technology!

As the need for participatory governance continues to grow around the world, the ability for decision makers to integrate information and communications technologies to broaden and strengthen public participation processes is fast becoming a critical leadership skill. But what are the factors that make digital engagement successful? This presentation will highlight some of the often-overlooked non-technical aspects in planning, designing and implementing digital engagement programs that are necessary in order to achieve the desired outcomes and create participation experiences that matter.

This ties in nicely with a digital engagement training course we’ve started developing, set to launch in early 2016, that will emphasize the principles of our objectives-driven, context-aware and tool-agnostic approach to applying information and communications technologies in the public participation context.

Check the conference abstracts (PDF) for an overview of the wide range of topics to be covered, and the list of speakers to see who else will be there.