International Facilitation Week is upon us, October 19-25, courtesy the International Association of Facilitators (IAF).

For the third year in a row (see here, here), we’re involved in organizing an online unconference for practitioners from around the globe interested in sharing and learning about facilitation in virtual environments.

Topic brainstorming is set to kick off early next week. Sessions will be scheduled to fall within a 48-hour period between Thursday and Saturday of next week. We’ll have more details over the weekend.

Meanwhile, check out the online registration page and list of participants so far. Once again, it’s shaping up to be quite an international crowd.

While the event remains participant-driven and not-for-profit, we’re making a few changes to the funding model this year, asking all participants for a small monetary contribution. The regular price is $24/person. However, you’ll have until Monday evening at midnight Pacific Time to take advantage of discounted early bird rates. In addition, we’ve started to send out special discount codes to various communities of practice, so see if you can catch one of those.

Look forward to another great learning exchange. See you next week!