The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) New Zealand just launched a new Online Engagement Guidance as part of their very comprehensive web toolkit.

This resource was developed under leadership from Amelia Loye, Director of engage2, an Australian based community engagement firm. From her blog post:

Our vision in creating the guidance was to collate all of our various experiences in online community engagement into a single, easy to follow guide that public sector organisations large and small could use either as a first step in community engagement or as a useful guide to best practice.

One of the challenges for all communications and engagement activities across Government in the Digital Age is the enormous range of issues, subjects, tools and audiences engaging with Government and there are few if any “one size fits all” solutions. Through the Guidance I have tried to capture my experiences using technologies to help Government’s engaging community to listen to, understand and consider social issues in decision-making processes and the design of Government programs and services.

The Guidance takes a practical approach to online engagement with a simple explanation of key concepts and checklists for communication, engagement, website, policy and planning teams to plan and deliver effective online engagement. It looks all at phases of engagement, from planning, to consulting, closing the loop, through to ongoing engagement for project delivery, relationship and impact management.

The guidance includes a set of principles for online engagement, a checklist, and an 18-page engagement strategy template, among other things. There’s also a section that outlines the case for online engagement in New Zealand, which lists key drivers and success factors.

At first glance, this looks very well put together.

Hat tip to Mary Moreland via Facebook.