Earlier today, Feedback Labs announced the official launch of their toolkit, a curated collection of examples, guides, and tools related to new forms of technology-supported stakeholder engagement in the area of international aid, philanthropy, and government services.

According to the email, the toolkit “represents our first step toward aggregating our community’s knowledge around closing feedback loops.” What are feedback loops? The about page explains (emphasis mine):

Who We Are

Feedback Labs is a consortium of like-minded organizations committed to making governments, NGOs and donors more responsive to the needs of their constituents. Each of us, through our own work, has endeavored to put citizens front-and-center and together we aim to make inclusion, trust, and empowerment standards across our field. Together, we endeavor to bridge communication gaps between everyday people and institutions to meet the pressing needs of communities.

Why We Are Coming Together

We are at a critical point in history where prioritizing citizen feedback has the potential to unleash massive, timely, and necessary changes in the way development is pursued. This field – which we term “feedback loops” for lack of a better name – is still uncharted and unbounded. While its potential is enormous, the concept lacks consistent vocabulary, principles, accepted best practices, and reliable measurements. We aim to help provide the structure and design principles that will maximize the effects of global citizen engagement efforts.

Some of the founding members include Ushahidi, GlobalGiving and Ashoka.

Bound to stay interesting. Follow their blog here.