Last year, an idea that had been cooking for quite some time finally bubbled up and turned into what became the inaugural Online Facilitation Unconference (OFU 2013).

Well over 200 people participated in more than 20 session, exploring topics as diverse as virtual student exchange, online learning in higher education, and online graphic recording.

We’re a bit late to get the ball rolling this year, but I’m happy to announce that OFU 2014 is indeed happening. In fact, it’s only one week away, once again taking place during and as part of International Facilitation Week.

The overall format will be pretty much the same as last year’s, though you can expect to see a few improvements based on feedback we’ve received (e.g. more time for topic ideation, pre-defined session blocks during the day to optimize participation across continents, more convenient online infrastructure for session scheduling).

We’ve decided to keep this event a (mostly) not-for-profit affair for now. Like last year, we’ll scale up our (paid) volunteer efforts according to what’s coming in via donations and sponsoring. Registration is free. Please consider making a contribution if you can, or sign up as a sponsor. For more information and to RSVP:

Should be very fun! Stay tuned for more details to emerge over the next few days. Look forward to your participation!