Democracy International is an international non-profit based in Cologne, Germany. From the about page:

Democracy International unites people from all around the world who want to realise citizens’ participation and direct democracy. Like the environment or human rights, democracy must be protected as it is essential to a healthy society. We work towards this perception of democracy in people’s minds.

This November, they are organizing what looks like a very interesting research trip across several U.S. states:

Join Election Day in America!

The November 4 elections across the U.S. offer fascinating opportunities to learn more about how democracy works in America – and doesn’t. In the so-called mid-term elections 471 seats at the national level and 6,056 seats at state level are up for election. Elections for governor are being held in 43 out of 51 states. Our board members Bruno Kaufmann and Joe Mathews are going to co-host a Briefing Tour starting in Kansas City on November 3 and ending down in the Deep South a week later – in New Orleans. Join us, you are cordially invited!

Still a few seats left for this “first-hand look at citizens’ activities, public campaigns, ballot decisions and civic and media life in the Mississippi River Valley”.