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29 07, 2014

CivicPatterns: A Common Language for Creating Citizen Engagement Apps

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Via the Knight Foundation blog, I just found out about CivicPatterns, a new pattern language effort that was announced by the International Journalists' Network (IJNet) in late June. From the website: CivicPatterns is a catalogue of design patterns and tools for civic technology projects. Anyone who builds public tools needs to make sure that their [...]

25 07, 2014

Friday Findings

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A few interesting bits that crossed our stream this week: Caroline W. Lee (Associate Professor of Sociology, Lafayette College) has a book coming out early next year: Do-It-Yourself Democracy The Rise of the Public Engagement Industry (Oxford University Press). Via the IAP2 Canada Facebook group, hat tip to Mary Moreland. Participatory budgeting expands big time in New [...]

24 07, 2014

Top Posts June 2014

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Before the month is out, a quick look back at our June top posts (for the period April through June 2014): CAPS 2014: July 1-2, 2014 in Brussels, Belgium IAP2 USA Survey: Public Participation Core Competencies White House Meeting on Participatory Budgeting Discusses Technology As usual, our three uncontested overall top performing posts: What Is [...]

24 07, 2014

Participatory Budgeting: Updated North America Participation Metrics 2013/2014

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Update 2014/07/25: The voting period for PB Vallejo is actually September 27 through October 6, 2014. Thanks for the correction, John De La Torre. Update 2014/10/07: Turn-out info for PB Valley, 2013/2014 cycle was released today and has been added. Last May, we released a collaborative spreadsheet on participatory budgeting participation metrics in North America. It has [...]