While we’re on the topic of interesting e-participation initiatives being funded out of Europe, here’s another such example: Policy Compass!

From the project website:

The main goal of Policy Compass is to develop a research prototype of an easy-to-use, highly visual and intuitive tool for social networks and eParticipation platforms, enabling citizens and public officials to easily create, apply, share, embed, annotate and discuss causal models, charts and graphs of historical data from trusted open data sources. The aim is to develop methods and tools that facilitate more factual, evidence-based, transparent and accountable policy evaluation and analysis.

Project Overview

The research question the Policy Compass project will address is whether and how open public data, social media, eParticipation platforms, fuzzy cognitive maps and argumentation technology can be integrated and applied to provide better tools on the World Wide Web for constructing, sharing, visualising and debating progress metrics and causal models of policies.

The aim is to provide easy-to-use tools for both the lay public, on social networks, as well as professional policy makers, to improve the quality and transparency of the policy analysis and monitoring phases of the policy life-cycle.

As for the technical approach, Policy Compass will be realized as “an online Web platform integrating the tools developed in the project.” It will provide “an open API for integrating its data store and services into external platforms, and widgets for integrating its users’ interfaces into selected eParticipation platforms and social networks.”

Policy Compass High Level Architecture

Image source: http://policycompass.eu/the-project/

The website mentions that this project will be “applying results from the European IMPACT governance and policy-modelling project” (see our coverage of IMPACT here and here).

The project aims to facilitate “more objective, evidence-based and transparent policy deliberations.”

Berlin, Germany-based Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (Fraunhofer FOKUS) is the project coordinator. Berlin, Germany-based Liquid Democracy e.V. is one of the six other consortium members.

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