Update 2014/01/29: There has been a slight date change. The conference will be held July 9-11, not July 7-9, 2014.

This conference looks interesting. From the website:

Scaling and Innovation: Contemporary Difficulties and Future Prospects for Participatory and Deliberative Democracy

This conference explores the connection between participation and deliberation in the light of these and other contemporary challenges. The aim is to facilitate a conversation between the fields of deliberative and participatory democracy, and in particular to open a discussion around the use of digital technologies to facilitate greater political engagement.

The event will take place July 9-11, 2014 in Newcastle upon Tyne. It is organized by the Participatory and Deliberative Democracy special interest group of the UK-based Political Studies Association. Visit their website or group blog to learn more.

Added to our 2014 conference and event radar.