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31 10, 2013

ADR CyberWeek: November 4-8, 2013

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Online Facilitation Unconference 2013 (as announced here) happened last week. We had more than 300 people registered from 30 countries around the world and saw incredible turn-out. All in all, the agenda featured more than 20 sessions on a broad range of topics. The OFU13 team will meet again on Monday for a review call [...]

25 10, 2013

OFU13: Session on Group Patterns and How They Apply in the Virtual

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Join me for this session at 10am this morning (1pm Pacific): Group patterns: how do they apply to online/virtual environments? We'll briefly introduce the Group Pattern Language Project and discuss if and to what extent these might apply in online or virtual environments. We'll be using conference calling and hackpad to collaborate on this one.

18 10, 2013

OFU13: Update on Registrations, Donations and Media Partners

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What a week! The response to the idea of an online unconference on facilitating in virtual environments has been overwhelming. Check out these amazing numbers: 125+ people signed up (see the attendee list at the bottom) 20 countries $500+ raised in donations Here's a map to show where our registrants are based. Quite the international crowd! [...]

14 10, 2013

Online Facilitation Unconference 2013

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As mentioned a few weeks ago, International Facilitation Week is around the corner, and I'd really like to see something happen around the topic of online facilitation. Here's the comment I left on the IAF LinkedIn group: I've been exploring the idea of hosting a virtual unconference on online facilitation as part of facilitation week. Looks [...]

11 10, 2013

Card Mapping the NIF Approach to Citizen Deliberation

By | October 11th, 2013|Deliberation, Research|4 Comments

We have recently been working on a project that aims to translate an in-person citizen deliberation process (National Issues Forum approach) into an online experience using Zilino. As part of our current design and development phase, I was wondering if the Group Works card deck might serve as a guide to better identify use cases [...]

9 10, 2013

CeDEM14 Call for Papers

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Once again, it's time to get your submissions ready for the International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2014 (CeDEM14). The call for papers (PDF) list the conference tracks: E-Democracy and E-Participation E-Voting Bottom-Up Movements Social and Mobile Media for Public Administration Open Collaborative Government Democracy, Globalization and Migration Connected Smart City Open Data, Transparency [...]

3 10, 2013

iParticipate: 11 Research Challenges for a National Deliberative Process

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Somehow, this old 2009 (!) post by Doug Schuler about the National Initiative for Social Participation popped up in my feed reader tonight. On the iParticipate wiki, I found a list of potential projects, including one regarding a National Deliberative Process. Quote: Compelling National Need: Political discussions at all levels are often characterized by a [...]