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30 11, 2012

ParticipateDB: Now Under Creative Commons

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ParticipateDB is a collaborative catalogue of online tools for participation we launched in 2009. Since then, the site has grown to become one of the world's most comprehensive resources of its kind. In case you missed it, we finally got around to putting ParticipateDB's entire content under a Creative Commons license. Read yesterday's announcement over on the ParticipateDB blog: Creative [...]

23 11, 2012

NCDD Catalyst Awards Q&A: Hollywood Edition

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Over on the NCDD blog, I've answered a few questions regarding my proposal for the NCDD Catalyst Awards: Featured Catalyst Awards Proposal: TV Entertainment Quote: Q. What project are you proposing, in a nutshell? The one thing I’ve always been a bit worried about is that not enough people know about the amazing work that’s being [...]

20 11, 2012

PB Unit Releases Participatory Budgeting Toolkit

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Manchester, UK-based PB Unit just made their PBU Toolkit freely available to the public: Participatory Budgeting in the UK – A toolkit (PDF) The toolkit is divided into three sections. From the introduction (page 1): This is the second edition of the PB toolkit. The first was produced in May 2008. Since then, there have been significant developments [...]

19 11, 2012

Montevideo Declaration on Modern Direct Democracy

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The 2012 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy just wrapped up in Montevideo, Uruguay (back in 2010, I had a chance to drop in on their conference in San Francisco, CA). From the email newsletter that went out earlier today: Dear participants and friends of the Global Forum, The 2012 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy is [...]

19 11, 2012

Participation Cymru Releases Public Participation Evaluation Toolkit

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Last week, Cardiff, Wales-based Participation Cymru released a new public participation evaluation toolkit. From the announcement: This toolkit describes a four stage participatory process to evaluate engagement activities in relation to the National Principles for Public Engagement. [...] The toolkit is intended to be used flexibly and users of the toolkit should feel free to adapt it to [...]

16 11, 2012

CeDEM13 Call for Papers

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The call for papers for the International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2013 (CeDEM13) is now open. From the website: The international Conference for e-Democracy and Open Government brings together e-democracy, e-participation and open government specialists working in academia, politics, government and business to critically analyse the innovations, issues, ideas and challenges in the networked [...]

14 11, 2012

CU Expo 2013

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Stumbled across this interesting-looking conference the other day on Twitter: 2013 Community-University Expo: Engaging Shared Worlds (CU Expo 2013) From the about page: What is CU Expo? CU Expo is a Canadian-led international conference designed to showcase the best practices in community-university partnerships worldwide, and to create opportunities for innovative and successful collaborations which strengthen our [...]

6 11, 2012

Top Posts October 2012

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Here are three recent posts that were popular in October: Help Us Explore the Future of Digital Engagement! What Is Public Engagement? SXSW 2013: Participatory Budgeting Session Proposal Accepted And here are the overall top scorers this past month: What Is Government 2.0? What Is Public Participation? New York Times Budget Puzzle Thanks for reading [...]

5 11, 2012

Participation Compass: New Hub for Participation Practitioners

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London, UK-based Involve, in collaboration with German Bertelsmann Stiftung, today launched Participation Compass. From the homepage: Welcome to the participation compass - your gateway to better participation. This tool provides practical information for those working to involve people. By registering you can add methods, instruments, cases, questions, news and experts to our database. This tool is [...]