I look very much forward to co-hosting this session at the upcoming 2012 National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD2012):

Demystifying Online/Offline Engagement

This session is intended to explore the relationships, tensions and opportunities in the interplay between online and offline strategies for dialogue and civic engagement. Using exercises, case studies and best practices, this interactive workshop and its four experienced guides will seek to demystify online identity and engagement; draw deeper connections with all forms of dialogue and deliberation; and explore some of the high level considerations and trade-offs when assessing when to use online tools. Session participants will leave with not only a better understanding of how off- and online tools can work together, but also some tangible tools to help them begin integrating theses approaches in their deliberative practices.

Yuri Artibise
Director of Community Engagement, PlaceSpeak

Tim Bonnemann
Founder & CEO, Intellitics, Inc.

Amanda Gibbs
Principal, Public Assembly

Kaliya Hamlin
Facilitator / Identity Woman, Internet Identity Workshop

This two-hour session will be held on Friday, October 12, 2012 during the afternoon slot (2pm to 4pm).

Check out the full list of workshops that have been announced so far. Good stuff, choosing which ones to pick will certainly be tough.

The list of attendees looks amazing, too. At currently 200+ registrations, it’s once again shaping up to be a “who is who” of this field. Miss this at your own peril!