Update: This post is being continuously updated. Check the comments section for the change log.

It’s that time of year again, and so I’ve started to add a few 2012 events to my calendar, both the kind I hope to attend in person as well as the ones I’ll likely have to follow remotely.

The core focus of this list are events at the intersection of public participation and technology (e.g. e-democracy, e-participation) plus events with overlap from neighboring areas such as dialogue, deliberation, conflict resolution, facilitation, planning, local government, open government, civic engagement etc.

Got any other events on your radar? Please let me know, and I’ll update the list. Thanks!

January 2012

TransportationCamp DC
January 21, 2012
Washington DC
Web: http://transportationcamp.org

February 2012

9th Scandinavian Workshop on E-government (SWEG 2012)
February 9–10, 2012
Copenhagen (Denmark)
Website: http://www.cbs.dk/sweg2012

Social Cities of Tomorrow
February 17, 2012
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Website: http://www.socialcitiesoftomorrow.nl
Note: According to their background page, the conference will explore  a “new take on community and participation models”, from traditional top-down to more horizontal models.

March 2012

ASPA 2012 Annual Conference
March 2–6, 2012
Las Vegas, NV
Website: ASPA 2012 Annual Conference

March 6-10, 2012
Hanover (Germany)
Website: http://www.cebit.de
Note: Their Public Sector Park section covers topics such as eGovernment 2.0, eParticipation/eInclusion and Open data/Open government.

South by South West Interactive (SXSWi)
March 9–13, 2012
Austin, TX
Details: http://sxsw.com/interactive

IADIS International Conference e-Society 2012
March 10–13, 2012
Berlin (Germany)
Website: http://www.esociety-conf.org

International Conference: Participatory Budgeting in the US and Canada
March 30–31, 2012
New York, NY
Website: http://pbconference.wordpress.com

April 2012

2012 National Planning Conference
April 14–17, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
Website: http://planning.org/conference/index.htm

Collective Intelligence 2012
April 18–20, 2012
Cambridge, MA
Website: http://www.ci2012.org
Related post: Collective Intelligence 2012: April 19-20, 2012 in Cambridge, MA

CampaignTech 2012
April 19–20, 2012
Washington, DC
Website: http://campaigntechconference.com

Gov 2.0 L.A.
April 21, 2012
Santa Monica, CA
Website: http://gov20la.org

International Conference on e-Democracy, e-Government and e-Society (ICDGS 2012)
April 25–27, 2012
Venice (Italy)
Website: http://www.waset.org/conferences/2012/italy/icdgs/

Transparency Camp 2012
April 28–29, 2012
Greater Washington DC area (details to be confirmed)
Website: http://transparencycamp.org

May 2012

re:publica 2012
May 2–4, 2012
Berlin (Germany)
Website: http://re-publica.de/12/en

4th ICTs and Society-Conference 2012
May 2–4, 2012
Uppsala (Sweden)
Website: http://www.icts-and-society.net/events/uppsala2012/

International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government 2012 (CeDEM ’12)
May 3–4, 2012
Krems (Austria)
Website: CeDEM12

International Association of Facilitators North America Conference 2012
May 9–12, 2012
Halifax, NS (Canada)
Website: http://www.iafna2012.org

PEP-NET Summit 2012
May 14, 2012
Hamburg (Germany)
Blog: http://pep-net.eu/blog/tag/pep-net-summit/

2012 ACR EPP Section Conference
May 21, 2012
Tucson, AZ
Website: http://www.acrepp.org

Bundeskongress politsche Bildung: Zeitalter der Partizipation
May 21–23, 2012
Berlin (Germany)
Website: http://www.bundeskongress-partizipation.de

ECR2012: Working Across Boundaries
Seventh National Conference on Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution
May 22–24, 2012
Tucson, AZ
Website: ECR2012: Working Across Boundaries

Digital Governance in Latin America, LASA 2012 XXX International Congress
May 23–26, 2012
San Francisco, CA
Details: http://www.certop.fr/DEL/spip.php?article2465

PDF Brussels 2012
May 30–31, 2012
Brussels (Belgium)
Web: http://personaldemocracy.com/conferences/europe/2012

June 2012

youth & e-participation: International conference on youth participation in the digital society
June 4–5
2012 Berlin (Germany)
Registration: http://www.amiando.com/eParticipationYouth.html

Deliberation: values, processes, institutions
June 4-5, 2012
Warsaw (Poland)
Website: http://cd.uw.edu.pl

2012 Digital Government Society Conference (dg.o 2012)
June 4–7, 2012
University of Maryland
College Park, MD

2012 American Democracy Project and The Democracy Commitment Annual Meeting
June 7–9, 2012
San Antonio, TX
Website: http://aascu.org/Meetings/adp12/

University Network for Collaborative Governance 2012 Annual Meeting
June 10–12, 2012
Syracuse, NY
Website: http://www.policyconsensus.org/events/uncg_2012.html
Notes: The conference theme is “Embedding Collaborative Governance in Universities, Communities, and Government”.

GFOA 106th Annual Conference
June 10–13, 2012
Chicago, IL
Website: GFOA 106th Annual Conference
Note: Public participation is not the core focus of this conference but worth listing here given the audience (public finance professionals).

Personal Democracy Forum
June 11–12, 2012
New York, NY
Website: http://personaldemocracy.com

XII Conferência do Observatório Internacional de Democracia Participativa
June 11–13, 2012
Porto Allegre (Brazil)
Website: http://oidp2012.com.br

12th European Conference on eGovernment (ECEG 2012)
June 14–15, 2012
Barcelona (Spain)
Website: 12th European Conference on eGovernment– ECEG 2012
Notes: Mini track eParticipation (call for papers)

25th Bled eConference
June 17–20, 2012
Bled (Slovenia)
Website: http://www.bledconference.org
Notes: special interest track eDemocracy: From eRevolution to eParticipation (PDF)

9th Annual Games for Change Festival
June 18–20, 2012
New York City, NY
Website: http://www.gamesforchange.org

The 11th International Online Dispute Resolution Forum (ODR2012)
June 27–29, 2012
Prague (Czech Republic)
Website: http://www.odr2012.org

Priority Based Budgeting Conference
San Diego, CA
June 28–29, 2012
Website: http://www.pbbconference.org

July 2012

7th International Conference in Interpretive Policy Analysis (IPA 2012)
July 5–7, 2012
Tilburg (The Netherlands)
Website: http://www.ipa-2012.org

5th International Conference on Electronic Voting (EVOTE2012)
July 12–14, 2012
Bregenz (Austria)
Website: http://www.e-voting.cc/topics/conference2012

The Democracy Imperative (TDI) National Conference
July 18–21, 2012
Boston, MA
Website: http://unh.edu/democracy/

Frontiers of Democracy 2012
July 19–21, 2012
Boston, MA
Website: http://activecitizen.tufts.edu/?pid=1096

IADIS International Conference e-Democracy, Equity and Social Justice (ED 2012)
July 21–23, 2012
Lisbon (Portugal)
Website: http://www.edemocracy-conf.org

August 2012

Participatory Design Conference 2012 (PDC2012)
August 12–16, 2012
Roskilde (Denmark)
Website: http://pdc2012.org

September 2012

Fourth International Conference on eParticipation (ePart 2012)
September 3–6, 2012
Kristiansand (Norway)
Website: http://www.epart-conference.org

International Conference on Electronic Democracy (EDEM 2012)
September 3–7, 2012
Vienna (Austria)
Website: http://www.dexa.org/egovis2012

League of California Cities Annual Conference & Expo
September 5–7, 2012
San Diego, CA
Website: http://www.cacities.org/AC

Web of Change (WOC)
September 5–9, 2012
Cortes Island, BC (Canada)
Website: http://webofchange.com/web-of-change-hollyhock

Association for Conflict Resolution 12th Annual Conference
September 12–15, 2012
New Orleans, LA
Website: http://www.acrnet.org

2012 NAGW National Conference
September 12–14, 2012
Kansas City, MO
Website: http://nagw.org/national-conference

67th Annual National Conference on Citizenship
September 14, 2012
Philadelphia, PA
Website: http://ncoc.net/conference

Forum für Bürgerbeteiligung und kommunale Demokratie
September 14–16, 2012
Loccum (Germany)
Website: http://www.mitarbeit.de/forum2012.html

Open Knowledge Festival (OKFestival)
Helsinki (Finland)
September 17–22, 2012
Website: http://okfestival.org

4ème Forum National de la Démocratie Participative
September 21-22, 2012
Allonnes (France)
Web: http://www.participation-et-democratie.fr/fr/node/1058

Stadt und Netz 2012
September 26, 2012
Essen (Germany)
Web:  http://de.amiando.com/stadtundnetz2.html

IAP2 North America Conference 2012
September 30–October 2, 2012
Halifax, NS (Canada)
Website: http://www.iap2canada.ca/conference

October 2012

98th ICMA Annual Conference
October 7–10, 2012
Phoenix, AZ
Website: http://icma.org

NCDD 2012 National Conference
October 12–14, 2012
Seattle, WA
Website: http://ncdd.org/events

6th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (ICEGOV2012)
October 22–25, 2012
Albany, NY
Website: http://www.icegov.org

EAINZ Annual Conference 2012
October 24–25, 2012
Sydney (Australia)
Website: http://www.eianz.org

November 2012

ParCamp e-Partizipation
November 6, 2012
Vienna (Austria)
Web: http://www.barcamp.at/ParCamp_e-Partizipation

Involve 2012
November 13–14, 2012
Nottingham (United Kingdom)
Website: http://www.profbriefings.co.uk/involve2012/

International Conference on e-Democracy and Open Government-Asia 2012 (CeDEM-Asia-2012)
November 14–15, 2012
Singapore (Singapore)
Web: http://www.donau-uni.ac.at/cedem

Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy
November 14–16, 2012 (tentative)
Montevideo (Uruguay)
Web: http://www.2012globalforum.com

NLC Congress of Cities and Exposition
November 28 – December 1, 2012
Boston, MA
Web: http://www.nlccongressofcities.org

December 2012

Internet & Partizipation
December 1, 2012
Hamburg (Germany)
Web: http://www.wiso.uni-hamburg.de/projekte/internet-partizipation/startseite/