The 12th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o 2011) kicked off yesterday in College Park, MD. Their topic this year is “Digital Government Innovation in Challenging Times”. While I have yet to attend dg.o in person, it’s been on my radar for a while now, and their 2011 edition looks interesting once again. For example, here are some of the panels and sessions on the program (PDF) through Wednesday, June 15:

  • Panel 1 — Massively Participatory Urban Planning and Design Tools and Process: the Betaville Project
  • Session 4 — Enterprise Architecture […] Analysis of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks in the Contextof E-Participation
  • Session 5 — Social Media In Government

A couple of weeks ago, I contacted the organizers and pitched the idea of using #edem IRC as an additional backchannel to better connect conference attendees and non-attendees. Thanks to Andrew Philpot (tech lead) and John Bertot (conference co-chair), dg.o 2011 is the first conference to officially support this fledgling IRC effort.

If you haven’t bookmarked the channel yet, please do so right away and make sure to check in regularly over the next three days: #edem

If you’re new to IRC, check out the comment section on this earlier post, which lists a few resources to get started. Using the web interface at is probably the easiest way to jump right in.