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30 04, 2011

Give A Minute Chicago Follow-Up 2

By | April 30th, 2011|E-participation, Research|3 Comments

Catching up on tons of good stuff in my feed reader, I just came across a publication by the Knight Foundation that was released earlier this month: Connected Citizens: The Power, Peril and Potential of Networks In the full report, I found an interesting tidbit about the recent Give A Minute Chicago project (emphasis mine): "An [...]

29 04, 2011

C2D2: Making the Case for Dialogue and Deliberation

By | April 29th, 2011|Deliberation, Dialogue, Research, ROI|2 Comments

Another project worth mentioning that's very much related to the ROI discussions that are happening elsewhere is the Making the Case campaign by the Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation (C2D2). It must have launched shortly after I last wrote about their efforts back in November of last year. From the site: Dialogue and deliberation (D&D) [...]

28 04, 2011

Finally! An IRC Channel for the #edem Community

By | April 28th, 2011|Community, E-participation|11 Comments

Looks like I never quite finished setting up the #edem IRC channel on Freenode last year, but with so many conferences and events coming up I thought I'd give it another try. From the FAQ: What is freenode about? Why is it here? freenode is a special-purpose, not a general-purpose, discussion network, currently implemented on [...]

27 04, 2011

CeDEM11: May 5-6, 2011 in Krems, Austria

By | April 27th, 2011|E-participation, Europe, Events|0 Comments

Next week, e-participation folks will gather in Krems, Austria for this year's Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government (CeDEM11). The conference is hosted by Danube University Krems's Center for E-Government and "brings together e-democracy, e-participation, e-voting and open government specialists working in academia, politics, government and businesses". A number of sessions look quite interesting, for example: [...]

21 04, 2011

Micro-Participation In Online Consultations

By | April 21st, 2011|E-participation, Research|8 Comments

Last week, Dave Briggs, a long-time commentator at the intersection of government and technology and recently the founder of UK-based Kind of Digital, kicked off what has turned out to be a very productive discussion: The need for micro-participation (that's the original blog post, though the majority of comments seem to have come in via Govloop). From [...]

1 04, 2011

Top Posts March 2011

By | April 1st, 2011|About|0 Comments

Hot off the analytics machine, here are our most popular posts from March: How to Create Policy on a Wiki What Is Government 2.0? SXSW Future 15: Designing Successful Online Consultations Thanks to all our readers for making March the second busiest month ever. Now on to April!