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Monthly Archives: September 2010

25 09, 2010

Public Participation: Four Common Misconceptions

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Regular readers of this blog are probably well aware that when it comes to describing the process of bringing stakeholders into an organization's decision-making process with the goal of making better, more sustainable decisions, we prefer the term public participation. I have previously shared what I consider to be meaningful and well-established definitions (here, here). And while it [...]

17 09, 2010


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The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), in an effort to better cater to local member needs around the world, is currently making some changes to their governance model.  Part of this process will see the emergence of a new national organization in the US (until now, there were only a dozen or so local [...]

15 09, 2010

ParticipateDB Turns One

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One year ago today, we launched a neat little site: ParticipateDB Here's what the 40+ contributors have been able to collect so far: 160 tools 202 projects 118 references 20+ countries There's a lot more out there that deserves to be catalogued, but it's a start. Looking forward to year two!

11 09, 2010

Seattle City Council Budget Consultation

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The other day, someone on Twitter passed along this announcement about a new budget consultation in Seattle, WA: I admit it doesn't take a lot more to get me interested, so I clicked right through. Here's a bit of a checklist I usually apply when I scan online consultations such as this one (listed in no particular [...]

5 09, 2010

How About We Don’t Call Everything Crowdsourcing?

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From an otherwise interesting post on Govfresh last week about the use of contests in citizen engagement: Collaborative innovation in open government: Is there an app for that? Could contests help us realize the vision of participatory democracy outlined by Thomas Jefferson, where citizens collaborate with government to solve the nation’s most difficult problems? The White [...]