IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation

IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation

I had the distinct pleasure to attend all five days of IAP2’s Certificate Training Course in Public Participation last month (check their training calendar for upcoming training opportunities in your area). As I mentioned at the time, it was time well spent!

As per the training materials, here’s what the three training units encompass:

Planning for Effective Public Participation (two days)

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define public participation and what distinguishes it from related fields
  • Apply a systematic, rigorous planning process to public involvement
  • Identify and understand the IAP2 Foundations of Public Participation and apply the Foundations to public participation planning
  • Apply the IAP2 planning tools to public participation planning including:
    • The Core Values
    • Code of Ethics
    • Spectrum
  • Identify and write public participation objectives that clarify the role of the public
  • Develop a public participation plan
  • Plan for evaluation of a public participation process

Gain enhanced awareness of:

  • The relevance and benefits of public participation within decision making that affects the public
  • Ways to effectively engage stakeholders in decisions and related processes

Communications for Effective Public Participation (one day)

Communications for Effective Public Participation offers an introductory overview of communication skills necessary for conducting public participation activities. The course provides an introduction to general communication concepts as they apply to public participation. It focuses on skills needed to prepare and present information and offers tips to address communication challenges commonly faced while conducting public participation activities.

The course is designed as a primer and is suitable for practitioners who want an overview of basic communication techniques as they apply to public participation efforts. At the end of the day, you will be able to:

  • Describe the communication process and what is required to make that process effective and authentic
  • Discuss specific communication skills needed for effective implementation of public participation projects at all levels of the IAP2 Spectrum
  • Use the course manual as a reference for different methods of conveying information

Techniques for Effective Public Participation (two days)

The focus of this two-day course is on techniques, or what public participation practitioners do to facilitate the process of participation. We will build on the foundations laid out in the Planning course to link technique selection to the different levels on the IAP2 Spectrum of Participation and achieve the objectives for different steps in the decision process.

Our goal is that students will leave this course with a broader understanding of what, when and how– what techniques to use, and when and how to implement those techniques effectively.

Needless to say, this was quite a bit of material to digest, and it will be exciting to further apply the IAP2 principles and framework to the work we do with Zilino and beyond.