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Monthly Archives: May 2010

26 05, 2010

Live from ECR2010: Guiding Principles for Incorporating Technology and ECR

By |2018-11-21T15:42:03+00:00May 26th, 2010|Events|2 Comments

I'm in Tucson, AZ this week attending the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution's sixth national ECR Conference: ECR2010: Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution - Evolving to Meet New Opportunities. I had been eyeing this opportunity ever since I first heard about the conference back in October of last year. A number of people highly recommended it, and [...]

21 05, 2010

Freenode Channel Guidelines: Blueprint for E-Participation Ground Rules

By |2018-11-21T15:42:03+00:00May 21st, 2010|Community, E-participation, Research|2 Comments

I was just playing around with Freenode IRC (trying to set up a permanent #edem channel), when I came across their channel guidelines. We're still drafting our community ground rules for Zilino, and I found these very applicable: Channel Guidelines IRC is a low-bandwidth method of communication, in comparison with physical presence. Many of the [...]

15 05, 2010

In Search of the Perfect Participant Briefing

By |2018-11-21T15:42:03+00:00May 15th, 2010|Public Participation, Research, Zilino|7 Comments

I've previously written about the importance of expectation management as an essential piece to successful public participation. With Zilino, our goal is to support the project organizers in managing participants' expectations from beginning to end. Specifically, we want conveners and facilitators to be very transparent about the level of influence participants can reasonably expect to have on the decision making [...]

10 05, 2010

IAP2 Core Values Awards 2010 Call for Submissions

By |2010-05-10T23:31:09+00:00May 10th, 2010|Public Participation|3 Comments

The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) today announced submissions for their 2010 Core Values Awards are now open.  From the President's email: I am looking forward to reading the innovations in the 2010 Core Values Awards submissions. These awards are an opportunity to showcase what is leading the practice so that others experience, learn [...]