And now for something fun: talking about participation — more often, with more people, and in ways that allow more people to tune in.

That’s the idea behind This Week in Participation (TWiP), a new program we just launched. Here’s what it’s about:

This Week in Participation (TWiP) is kind of like an internet radio show. Except it doesn’t follow a fixed schedule, isn’t always live and may include video.

We’re still in the middle of setting up all the pieces but you can check out the newly-launched blog here. The first episode went live last night: TWiP 1: Urgent Evoke

We’ll start out with a series of short, pre-recorded interviews but plan to add longer, more interactive live shows down the road (and probably video as well). The goal for now is to produce at least one episode per week.

You can follow @twipcast on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook. Use our hashtag #twipcast to follow what people are saying.
If you’re doing interesting work in participation or if you know someone who you’d like to have on the show, simply email us.