A few weeks into this fun side project, we just added “projects” to ParticipateDB. As I mentioned at launch, the idea is to show where the various tools are being used in practice and how (there are only a handful of fairly unrefined entries available yet but you get the idea).

The project entries don’t aspire to be full-fledged case studies (far from it — if case studies or other related materials exist they will be linked to). Instead, entries should give the reader a quick overview of what each project was about. At a bare minimum, we’d like to capture the following project information:

  • Title
  • Description (specifically goals and outcomes)
  • Time/duration
  • Convener/organizer
  • Country

What else is missing and would be useful? Please comment below.

We will be adding “resources” next (links to related online articles and resources for both project and tools, such as white papers, product brochures, case studies etc.) and add more seed content. We hope to let in a first round of beta testers in late November.