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25 06, 2009

Intellitics at IAP2 Mini-Symposium “The Future of Public Participation”

By | June 25th, 2009|E-participation, Events, Presentations, Research|2 Comments

On Monday night, the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) Northern California chapter hosted a Mini-Symposium on "The Future of Public Participation" in San Francisco, CA. I had been asked to give a brief talk about social media in public participation. Having recently spent a considerable amount of time and effort monitoring and tracking various e-participation [...]

10 06, 2009

Open Government Dialogue: 26 Tips for Improving Phase 2

By | June 10th, 2009|Events, Research|14 Comments

While working on the previous post, I couldn't help but think how valuable it would be for participants, researchers and everyone else interested if these high-level participation metrics were readily available in real-time on the site that hosts the discussion, rather than having to dig them up manually and deal with incomplete information, assumptions and more or [...]

8 06, 2009

Open Government Dialogue: Agenda for Phase 2 Discussion about Citizen Participation

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The White House Office of Public Engagement just shared in an email the agenda for the phase 2 discussion about citizen participation, which is scheduled to start Wednesday, June 10 over on the OSTP blog: As we wrap up the transparency conversation with a final posting about information access and the Freedom of Information Act tomorrow, [...]

2 06, 2009

Quality Participation Doesn’t Waste Participants’ Time!

By | June 2nd, 2009|Community, E-participation, Events|2 Comments

Over the past few days, the site that's hosting the Open Government Brainstorm has been overrun with off-topic ideas and spam (most noticeably, there has been an avalanche of requests to "release President Obama's birth certificate in order to prove his US citizenship"). See this snapshot of the tag cloud I took yesterday: Steven Clift [...]