We are a full-service digital engagement consultancy. We envision integrated and sustainable digital engagement solutions that empower communities around the world to create the future they need and want for themselves.

Our approach can best be summarized as objectives-driven, context-aware and tool-agnostic. We also care deeply about building capacity on all sides involved in a project.


Digital engagement is a means to an end. In order to find the right solutions, one first has to understand the problem. That’s why our work with clients always begins with a conversation to identify the specific goals, desired outcomes and concrete success measures.


Digital engagement is never applied in a vacuum. In order to have an impact, the tools and processes must fit the conditions on the ground. We work closely with our clients to develop a thorough understanding of what’s possible. We analyze dozens of factors, incl. timeline, budget, existing infrastructure, audience needs, staff capacity, other available resources, constraints, past engagement history, and more. Based on this assessment, we are able to spot the most promising opportunities for the use of technology, develop strategies that best fit the given context and help our clients navigate the inherent trade-offs involved in choosing between alternative approaches.


Understanding project objectives and context is what drives our tool evaluation, recommendation and selection process. Every option offers a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. That’s why we look at technology very broadly. It doesn’t matter which channel, platform, tool, service, or vendor—whatever can get the job done is fine by us.


Even the best technology solution is usually only as good as the people involved in applying it. We look at the existing digital engagement know-how, both on the convener and the community side, and find ways to build on that, thus laying the ground work for future successes.

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